Imari Porcelains available at Freighthouse!

imari porcelains

Imari Porcelains

at Freighthouse!

Freighthouse is your source for the unusual, special and sometimes antique items.   Today we are featuring a collection of Imari Porcelains.  Imari came from the island of Kyushu in Japan in the 1600’s!   It was wildly popular when discovered by Europeans after being imported by the Dutch East India Co in the 17thc.   It was so popular that Meissen (Germany)and Derby (England) created their own Imari patterns which are still made today.  

The geometric design on this large charger mixes so well into modern interiors.  Imari was again wildly popular 40-50 years ago in America, post war.

Finely painted underglaze-this sweet little pedestal dish is a perfect  accent for you small table. Japanese pottery is soft in the marketplace today so it is a great time to BUY.

Classic old Imari is cobalt blue, gold and russet red.   This plate has over glaze painting too. Prices on these pieces are less than half what they were in the 70-80s.

This scalloped edge bowl is so intricate and lovely. Wonderful to mix with simple blue and white too.

Sara Balough

Sara Balough

Freighthouse was founded by local Interior Designer, Sara Balough in 2015 as a place for her clients to sell beautiful items they no longer needed. Freighthouse and Sara Balough Designs offer ongoing classes and events regarding antiques, design and Holiday Entertaining

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