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Collaboration, shared knowledge, and community are the primary goals of Palos Verdes Pulse.


The mission of this blog and webspace is to give artistry, imagination, and actionable content to a tribe of local achievement oriented, like-minded visionaries. Palos Verdes Pulse accepts article contributions that share a vibe and a purpose with the blog.

Post topics in the following areas are sought:

Exploration of local areas, photography, nature, guides

Lifestyle, fashion, self-improvement

Health, fitness, food

Local business and entrepreneurs - we want to hear your story!

We love showcasing topics of interest to the local Palos Verdes Peninsula communities. If you are not sure, please email your topic idea with a brief outline of the major content items.

Submitting Content for Publication:

Email your pitch to:

Please put the title of the article in the subject line of your email and provide a brief bio. You may also submit a draft. If you are also submitting photographs with your article, please ensure they are at least 700 px wide, photographs and artwork must be original.  Also provide a professional headshot.  No advertising or text on photographs. Articles should be between 150 and 500 words

All content must be original and not duplicated on other blogs.

We have access to all online plagiarism tools and will check for authenticity.

Posts must not endorse a single product, service, blog, or website.

If your article is a good fit, we'll be in touch within 7 days.