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Driving a car in PV in the 1920s and 1930s

Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive around Palos Verdes when the City was new – in the 1920’s and 30’s?  This is one of the pleasures that those who collect cars from period enjoy. 

Palos Verdes was an affluent community then and most of the cars owned by the early residents (both current and prospective) were the expensive, luxury cars of the day –

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Kayaking and Rafting in Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes is one of those places that’s beautiful up close, but even more beautiful from a distance on the ocean. The luxury houses that dot the hillside become little squares of color, and the bluffs that surround the peninsula lend it an otherworldly quality that makes the ocean seem even more vast. It’s a go-to destination for everyone who has the means to get out on the water, and you’ll see a lot of surfers, kayakers, and boaters dotting the water from the shoreline.

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Coastal Hiking in Palos Verdes

Outdoor enthusiasts often flock to northern California to see the redwoods, but there’s still scenic nature walks to be had in LA if you know where to find them. The nature preserves in Palos Verdes have numerous hiking trails along the coast, close enough to the city to be convenient for tourists, but far enough away to feel like a respite from the bustle. The towering bluffs of the Palos Verdes coastline lend the trails their unique grandeur, winding up around the clifftops and down towards the water, where hikers can explore tidal pools and coves.

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Drifting on Sound Waves

After a long, crazy week, with too many hours spent on the Southern California Freeways with your millions of BFF’s, who doesn’t begin to pine for the weekend?  You make your plans and hope for the best.

Funny, the hordes of people are still clogging the roadways, now after the same thing you’re hoping to achieve… relaxation, fun or adventure! 

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August 2019 - Did You Know?

Everyone loves to celebrate special occasions and holidays. Fortunately for us Americans, every month of the year boasts at least one “rilly big show,’ religious or otherwise.......every month that is except August. Poor little August got the short end of the stick when National Holidays and special occasions were doled out. Sorry, Neil, Hot August Night at the Greek doesn’t qualify!

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LifestyleDr. Liz Musil
How Does Physical Appearance Affect Us?

Personal appearance is part of our well-being.  It affects how we view ourselves as well as how others respond to us.  It is basically our business card to the world. There’s a perception that cosmetic procedures equate to vanity, pain and a ‘fake’ look. The reality is that feeling good about who you see in the mirror changes your whole outlook in life and plays a role in how you view and feel about yourself.  

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Don’t Let Allergies Keep You From Enjoying Our Beautiful Superbloom

Springtime allergies (“hay fever”) keep up to 40% of our population from enjoying the beautiful “superbloom” that followed this year’s rainy weather. Sneezing, itchy watery eyes and nose, stuffy nose, postnasal drip — these are not much fun when you are trying to hike the trails of Palos Verdes or take your dog for a walk. These symptoms are due to histamine that is released into the nasal lining with exposure to pollens in the air.

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You Got My Goat!

A herd of about 300 goats arrive for their annual buffet of wild brush. Getting his, her and my goat takes on a very special meaning every year in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes when a herd of about 300 goats arrive for their annual buffet of wild brush.

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Achieve Your Goals With Self-Hypnosis

What comes to your mind when you think of hypnosis? Probably stage shows where people are made to do silly or mystifying things. Possibly also the controversial subject of “lost memory retrieval,” or dramas where unsuspecting victims are made to commit crimes without their knowledge. In any case, it’s not something you think of in the context of ordinary life. So this may come as a shock – each one of us is basically in a state of self-hypnosis all the time.

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