How Does Physical Appearance Affect Us?

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How does physical appearance affect us?

Personal appearance is part of our well-being.  It affects how we view ourselves as well as how others respond to us.  It is basically our business card to the world. There’s a perception that cosmetic procedures equate to vanity, pain and a ‘fake’ look. The reality is that feeling good about who you see in the mirror changes your whole outlook in life and plays a role in how you view and feel about yourself.  

Beauty is subjective and it is in the eye of the beholder.  There are many alternatives to achieve a balanced, youthful and natural look.  Those alternatives include neuromodulators, which relax the muscles responsible for causing dynamic lines secondary to facial expressions.  For instance, Botox or Dysport when injected to the muscles between the brows, minimizes the frown lines and lift the eyebrows just enough resulting in a refreshed and rested look.


The most rewarding part about my work is seeing my patients become more satisfied and confident with how they look and feel and how much it impacts their life.

According to many patients, a youthful image and a confident attitude are perceived as important assets in a personal and professional level.  

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Self-care is the most important investment we make as we are our most valuable and the longest term asset we possess.

Dr. Daniela Leslie

Dr. Daniela Leslie

Daniela Leslie, DNP, FNP-C is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who is a cosmetic and general dermatology provider. She completed her Master’s Degree at UCLA in 2002 and received her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree in 2018. Dr Daniela provides Cosmetic Dermatology services at Aesthetic Genesis, A Medical Corporation and General Dermatology services at Manhattan Beach Dermatology.