I Am the Lady Liberty


I Am the Lady Liberty

Cheryl Gimbel 2001 (right after 9/11)

I am the Lady Liberty, I stand tall with flowing gown

I wear upon my head a seven-spired crown

It stands for seven continents. it stands for seven seas

For the millions I have welcomed, the many refugees

My hands embrace the symbols of freedom's truth innate

The tablet in my left hand is scribed with just one date

Seventeen seventy-six, the fourth of July, you know

Independence for this nation more than two hundred years ago

My right hand thrusts a burning torch for Liberty on high

For my sons and daughters who had to fight and some who had to die

The wretched chains of tyranny lie crumpled at my feet

For shackles now are broken and Freedom is replete

I stand here in this harbor, I guard my country's gate

My view is New York City where the skyline once stood straight

Now I see a monument of shadows bent in steel

Now I smell the smoke, and I fear that Satan's real

But trust me now as you never have, for I know my children well

From the ashes of this tragedy, from this wrenching state of hell

The people of this nation are rising to the call

We will build again America, and we will never fall

To those we lost, so many, I send you forth with prayer

For heaven's light burns brighter now that you are there

And for all the heroes who toil still, I salute your charity

For we are true Americans, and now the world will see

That truth and justice reign supreme, it's our democracy

So I stand here to remind you, I'm your Lady Liberty

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Cheryl Gimbel

1939 - 2018

Palos Verdes Resident