A Short History of Portuguese Bend

Portuguese Bend

A Short History

of Portuguese Bend

The following is a short of history of Portuguese Bend with various facts which we now know to be true:

In 1913 Frank A. Vanderlip, Sr., a respected New York banker, formed a syndicate, comprised of important Wall Street figures, to buy the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This was Frank's vision, but it was not only his funds that were used for the purchase. Frank sent his trusted right hand man, Harry E. Benedict, to California to handle the negotiations. Frank never even saw Palos Verdes before he owned it.

The amount of land purchased was exactly 16,004 acres, and the price paid was $2,400,000.00, according to the personal autobiography of Harry Benedict.

And as they say…the rest is history.

With the help of Portuguese Bend residents, Don Christy and photographer Vicki Mack visited historical homes and sites. Don interviewed original homeowners and their descendants, long time slide area residents, members of the local art community, and people who help hold the vibrant, eclectic community together. The result is a book that combines Don's personal story of living in The Cottage, the very first home built by Frank A. Vanderlip, Sr.