Shine On Harvest Hunter Moon

beach moon

Shine On

Harvest Hunter Moon

Dozens of songs have been written about the moon like Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon, Dancing in the Moonlight, Blue Moon and many others. The moon has always provided beauty, mystery, myth and more.

The beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula provides residents and visitors alike with something even more special during a full moon when it's coastal waters are illuminated by the glow of a radiant moon. This week we will enjoy a Harvest Moon which should not be missed.

Be sure to take a drive, dine out, or simply look out your windows. If you are more ambitious enjoy moonlight yoga at the always enjoyable Terranea on October 13, 2019

October Full Moon Yoga Event | Terranea Resort

October Full Moon Yoga OCTOBER 13, 2019. In celebration of October’s full Hunters Moon, yoga lovers are invited to Terranea Resort for a Full Moon Yoga gathering.