Design Your Home Workspace

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Design Your Home Workspace

where style meets function

For many people, working from 9 to 5 within the strict confines of a cubicle is a strict no-no--for them home office is the ideal choice. The very thought of flexible working hours and working from the comfort of their own home is enough to elevate their mood and spirits. However, to remain sharp and focused, a home office means keeping working hours that are convenient to you, requires a dedicated office space and a lot of professionalism. And for many with traditional jobs, a home office is still a necessity!

Any office space should be functional and comfortable and a home office is no exception. Your personal brand is all about what you create and how you want to live your life- so a home office needs to depict that. It's important to portray the right image while allowing the decor to blend in with the surroundings too. Your workspace is a personal reflection of who you are and what you want to say, so it's important that you say it right. From the furniture you use to the lighting and flooring—everything should be functional, comfortable and depict you as you are.

Workspaces should have appeal and your home office should be styled to be visually appealing. Color, style, themes should be effective in the sense that they should combine to energize and motivate you into working harder and better. A personal touch to make it unique and at the same time keeping the space uncluttered and soothing augurs best results. Accessories and furniture should strike a positive note while being comfortable and functional. Of course, the kind of work you do is going to dictate how your home office looks but that doesn't mean that it can't be stylish and elegant at the same time.

You'd think that working from home is a huge plus -and so it can be, provided you manage you time efficiently. Flexible working hours doesn't imply you can work whenever you want, it only means that you can choose the most convenient hours to work. Discipline is needed if deadlines and project scope are to be adhered to. This requires planning, developing strategies to turn out 'more work in less time' and also ensure that you work well within your budget.

As you don't have the advantage of 'water cooler moments' or 'coffee breaks', you need to work out something that helps de- stress you. After all you do want to optimize time, resources and put your best foot forward all the time. So schedule those small breaks that help refresh and bring you back on track.

The most important thing perhaps is to retain that dynamic front-- regular corporate-business meetings and conferences help you move away from your work space, but you don't have that advantage in a home office. So you need to deliberately schedule business meetings away from home-- you not only need to go out and get a breath of fresh air butget a change of place also for that always does anybody a world of good.

Have your home office and style it as you want but be sure it spells 'you' as a person. Be unique, be dynamic, be energetic and your flag will flow strong and hard.