Unicorn: Myth or Spirit Animal?



Myth or Spirit Animal?

The Unicorn is a mythical horse that has one horn in the middle of the forehead. This is according to older folklore and our modern imagery of the Unicorn. This mythical horse has been featured in movies, children's books, television shows, and other forms of entertainment. There's a fascination with the Unicorn that is worldwide.

Unicorn as Your Spiritual Guide

If the Unicorn comes to you as your spirit guide it means that you’re a magical person. People that attract unicorns see beauty in the world while others do not. The Unicorn totem manifests pure light from the universe and the heavens.  The unicorn totem can help guide you to your divine and spiritual purpose so you can find your higher self. The unicorn also allows you to be light-hearted so that you can play and bring out your inner imagination and your inner child. When you have a unicorn as your guide or your totem that you are balanced and open. You will be an individual that can receive messages from the universe in an easy way.  Since the Unicorn is a mythical creature, it only appears to a few people and can bestow its magic upon them as well as it’s with wisdom if you are virtuous in your deeds and pure of heart you may be more likely to see a unicorn.

girl and unicorn

Unicorn Symbols

The unicorn has three basic symbols. These are at the horse, the color white, and the horn. The horse symbolizes movement and travel. Since the Unicorn is a spiritual animal it can travel and then appear wherever and wherever it wants. It can appear through all dimensions and all realms.

The color white refers to perfection, purity, and innocence. It represents the feminine and lunar aspects of instinct, receptivity, virginity, intuition,. virginity when we refer to it in a metaphysical and an alchemical way. Refers to an adulterated spirit and mind. when the Unicorn appears to us it is a Divine and an honorable gift. Only those that are virtuous and have the pure of heart as mentioned earlier are deserving to see the Unicorn.

The Unicorn is a single-horned animal. The single horn of the unicorn reminds us that the domain of the unicorn is the realm of unity. This round transcends and exists beyond both duality and matter. the horn is a symbol of the repeating an endless cycles of time. It symbolizes the sword and the sword then symbolizes the mind. The horn can also signify the unity of your thoughts and the purity of reason. The horn represents the cycles of time and can symbolize the sword which also symbolizes the mind. The horn signifies purity or reason and thought.


The Unicorn is a spiritual animal as it is magical, pure, and deep. Not too many individuals are virtuous or pure enough to have the Unicorn appear and this spirit animal will bless you if you happen to come upon it in your path in life.