Fall Harvest Food and Drinks – Healthy Cocktail Recipes

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Fall Inspired



When it comes to throwing an elegant, top-of-the-range Fall dinner party or gathering; you need the very finest in homemade, sophisticated and tasty cocktails that will leave your guests mouths watering. Don't worry! We have you covered with this list of delicious, Fall-inspired healthy cocktail recipes for you to try at home!

Hot Apple Cider

This is the easiest and so it is the first. Much like Mulled Wine at Thanksgiving, a good hot apple cider soothes the soul on those long, dull nights. This is so easy to make, simply heat pressed cider on the stove and add a cinnamon stick while it simmers. Cool enough to drink and it's finished! For those who like their cider flavorful add in a dash of Vanilla essence to taste. There is no sugar in this recipe and it relies on your fresh made cider...which is technically one of your five a day...

Irish Coffee

For those health food lovers who can't give up coffee the Irish Coffee is a great warming Autumn cocktail. Make a strong espresso, add two fingers of whiskey and top the lot with a little cream. For those who avoid dairy the cream is optional. You can sweeten this one with honey if you don't like to use refined sugars and it is best served after your meal has been well received.

Minted Chocolate

Start with a dark chocolate powder, perhaps a cocoa if you like the flavor. The trick with this one is to choose an alcohol that will sweeten the hot chocolate for you and negate the need for sugar. For a coffee-flavored hot chocolate add coffee liqueur, try a spiced rum kick or, our personal favorite, get some peppermint liqueur and go for the minty option.

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Cranberry Vodka

This one is a simple mix of cranberry juice and vodka, which is interchangeable with gin. This cocktail is perfect for those of you who are watching their waistline specifically. It is interesting to note that one measure of gin and some sugar free lemonade amounts to roughly 90 calories, which is about half of your average chocolate bar. This cocktail lets you choose your calorie intake wisely.

Pumpkin Spiced Rum

A good spiced rum, a little cinnamon and some strained pumpkin makes for an excellent healthy cocktail for Fall. This cocktail contains some of the healthy nutrients found in fresh squeezed pumpkin with a flavorsome blend of mixed spices that leave the taste buds tingling. Try it yourself and let us know what you think!

Caramel Appletini

A simple mix of apple juice and butterscotch liqueur. Mix together and add a little rum for kick. For those who love their dairy you can switch out the rum for milk to make it an even creamier delight. For those watching the calories you need to take it easy on the Butterscotch, but apple-juice healthy, even if it is sweet. An easy, tasty cocktail that is reminiscent of a sweet without too much sugar involved... and who doesn't love butterscotch on those long, cold nights?